534oz Wax fill for Jennifer W. 

Green Rectangle: 20oz Tea, Tobacco + Tonka Bean 

Pottery Bowl: 56oz Freshly Cut Spruce Tree

Star Shaped Frankoma: 30oz Cashmere + Bergamot

Blue Square Ceramic: 40oz Cashmere + Bergamot

Amber Glass: 32oz Smokey Birch + Tobacco

Flamingo Tin: 48oz Clove-Studded Orange***

Round Milk Glass Hobnail: 24oz Ginger Macaron + Orange

4 Tall Hobnail Vessels: 160oz Cashmere + Bergamot

2 Oblong Hobnail Vessels: 64oz Smokey Birch + Tobacco

Small Square Hobnail: 20oz Clove-Studded Orange***

Small Round Hobnail: 20oz Clove-Studded Orange***

Small Clear Moonstone: 20oz Grapefruit Tea + Vetiver

***Please note that our Clove-Studded Orange fragrance is currently out of stock and on backorder. Unfortunately, we're not sure when it will come back in stock. 


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