Bold — never flowery — June just became the CEO of your living room. Sculptural and vibrant, she commands attention and her nectar is irresistible. June is a gorgeous minimalist jadeite glass diffuser vessel dating to the 1950s. She measures 5.25" tall x 3.25" at widest point. June comes with 10 reeds and approximately 8oz of your choice of oil (chosen from the drop down menu below). 

Made from recyclable and biodegradable rattan reeds, you can enjoy all of Old Flame's signature oil blends, without the flame! Our coconut infused diffuser base is designed for optimal fragrance throw and formulated with no phthalates or parabens and less than 1% VOC content - the only 100% natural reed oil in the marketplace!

*For optimal scent throw fill your vessel half way and use all reeds provided, spread evenly around the rim of your piece. Flip reeds occasionally for a fresher fragrance. 

Hey, guess what?
We offer wax refills!