Some days are like a freakin’ carousel ride … you start your day with your gratitude mantra, then you trip over your dog and spill your coffee on your white “dry clean only” pants as you’re rushing out the door. Before you spin out of control, meet Meri. Her divided base was made for days that have you going in multiple directions. Instead of reaching for that glass of wine you really want, light up “Peach Rosé + Vetiver” or in lieu of cramming that cookie in your mouth, light up “Ginger Macaron +  Amber”. It’ll save you the guilt and a couple of calories too … okay, maybe one skinny margarita!

Meri dates to the 1940s and measures 6” diameter x 3” tall. She has multiple flea bite chips, lending to her age, but not disruptive to her charm.

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