Vixen, Dancer and Prancer are a VERY RARE reindeer betel nut box trio, dating to the 1930s. These boxes are incredibly hard to find and considered extremely collectible, therefore, they are priced accordingly. They each measure the following:

Antlers down: 6" long x 3" deep x 3" tall

Antlers up: 7" long x 3.5" deep x 6" tall

Looking toward tail: 6" long x 4" deep x 6" tall

Scent Profiles: Buyer's Choice (email us with scent selection or indicate in "notes" section of checkout 

Betel chewing permeated every layer of Cambodian society from the Court downwards. It was enjoyed by men and women alike and proffered in hospitality. Betel chewing was a key part of many social engagements and ceremonies, particularly betrothal and marriage, with the exchange of betel taking place when a contract or agreement had been reached. Consequently, betel containers were a highly prized possession and a key signifier of a family’s social standing. Acquiring these boxes is a challenge since they have become rare antiques, therefore they are extremely valuable … and expensive 

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